is the future of finding legal help in the Metaverse.  We created the first legal district in the Metaverse located at 37,-58, Decentraland. is a place of boundless possibilities for finding solutions to legal issues.  The’s “Metaverse Legal DirectoryTM” will provide a starting point for finding the legal pioneers in the Metaverse.  We are the first legal search engine in the metaverse. will be the first step in every avatar’s legal journey into the metaverse.

Become a Legal Pioneer

Fast & Easy Entry Into The Metaverse

We have de-risked all that is required for a legal-related business to enter the Metaverse by removing the complexity. Within days your firm can have a prime position within the only Law Industry Directory in the Metaverse.

4 Easy Steps to claim your spot in the Metaverse!

    1. Send Logo
    2. Send the link you want visitors to select
    3. Sign lease
    4. Payment

LawCity.Com’s Towers are a legal town square, providing a turnkey solution for law-related companies interested in opening a metaverse office where prospective clients could visit to learn about their legal issues and perhaps find assistance with those issues.


No Complexity


Directory Listing and Branded Office within Days


Crypto, Credit Cards, & Checks Accepted

Anchor Branding

Prime Anchor Space Rental

  • Premium Visibility on Main Floor
  • Open floor with Branded Room
  • LawCity.Com events
  • Event Space available for use
  • Space on the LawCity.Com Metaverse Legal Directory.
  • Future NFT Airdrops


    LIMITED AVAILABILITY Branded Office Ruane Attorneys

Branded Office Rental

  • Branded Room
  • LawCity.Com events
  • Event Space available for use.
  • Space on the LawCity.Com Metaverse Legal Directory.
  • Future NFT Airdrops

    Directory Listing

    Your Metaverse Office is now in a searchable directory in both the Metaverse and in traditional search.

    Future Developments

    There are boundless possibilities with your office. Events, NFTs, DAOs, Tokens – are all being planned for members. legal town squares coming to other Metaverse worlds soon!
    Stay tuned!

    letting the world know

    Strategic Marketing

    Along with having a branded presence in the Metaverse within days, our members will receive:


    Social Media Posts and Strategic Press Opportunites


    Prime Events Highlighting Your Firm Top view side view

    Beautiful Architecture

    The Towers and offices are the pinnacles of architecture in Decentraland. You will be delighted to ask clients, referrals, family, and friends to bring their avatars to your office. People using the Metaverse will feel reassured that you, as a legal pioneer, can help them with their needs.


    Premium Branding


    Stunning Visuals