Fast & Easy Entry Into the Metaverse

We have de-risked all that is required for a legal-related business to enter Web 3.0 and the Metaverse by removing the complexity. Within days your firm can have a prime position within the only Law Industry Directory in the Metaverse. From there our team will educate firms on everything Web 3.0, including creating and securing wallets, obtainting crypto, and purchasing and/or transferring NFTs. Firms will learn about blockchain and smart contract technology, and the use cases for each.


LawCity.Com’s Towers are a legal town square, providing a turnkey solution for law-related companies interested in opening a metaverse office where prospective clients could visit to learn about their legal issues and perhaps find assistance with those issues. We will advise you on metaverse offerings and then build them to your specifications. We will create your branded 3D virtual office and equipment, with custom signage directing users to a landing page you designate. Your Metaverse office will give you access to a community of legal-related services and law firms to connect, share ideas and information, get feedback, and network, all in a virtual setting. Using the streaming screen in the Info Center, you can even stream live events virtually!

4 Easy Steps to claim your spot in the Metaverse!

    1. Send Logo
    2. Send landing page link
    3. Sign lease
    4. Payment

No Complexity


Directory Listing and Branded Office within Days


Crypto, Credit Cards, & Checks Accepted


Premium Anchor Space

  • Premium Visibility on Main Floor
  • Open floor with Branded Room
  • Guaranteed Access to LawCity.Com events
  • 1st Preference for Event Space use
  • Premium Listing on LawCity.Com Metaverse Legal Search Directory
  • Whitelisted for NFT and Token Airdrops
  • Premium discounts and from vendors
  • 1st Preference for partnerships
  • Premium discounts for accredited CLE events
  • Access to Web 3.0 education
  • Private Discord Access
  • Private Facebook Group

LIMITED AVAILABILITY Branded Office Ruane Attorneys

BESPOKE Branded Office


  • Branded Room
  • LawCity.Com events
  • Event Space available for use.
  • Listing in LawCity.Com Metaverse Legal Search Directory
  • Chance to be whitelisted for future NFT & token airdrops
  • Discounts from vendors
  • Partnerships
  • Discounts for accredited CLE events
  • Access to Web 3.0 education
  • Private Discord Access
  • Private Facebook Group


    Unite and Thrive text

    Strategic Marketing & Partnerships

    Along with having a branded presence in the Metaverse within days, our members will receive:


    Social Media Posts and Strategic Press Opportunites


    Listing on's Metaverse Legal Search Directory


    Prime Events Highlighting Your Firm


    Membership Benefits – CLE Credits, Events, Vendor Discounts